Celebrating National Engineers Week

Students "walk on water" in a vat of cornstarch and water mixture in the ITE lobby

By Samantha Brantley

Engineering Ambassadors planned a variety of entertaining and scientific activities in celebration of National Engineers Week, which took place February 20-24th this year. Some of these activities included topics like static electricity, simple circuitry and friction that were all represented in a fun and easy way to help all UConn students get involved and have a better understanding of engineering at the Student Union. Students who participated in these events were able to enter a raffle to win a chance to “walk on water,” or walk across a vat of “oobleck” consisting of cornstarch mixed with water, on Friday the 24th in the ITE lobby. Celebrating National Engineers Week was a blast for both the members of Engineering Ambassadors, UConn engineering students, and other non-engineering majors around campus that got involved.

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Published: April 26, 2012