Volunteering Events

As stated in our mission statement, Engineering Ambassadors is a network of college students who are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers. We inspire the next generation through running and volunteering at events that promote STEM. All of our volunteers are hardworking students and members who dedicate their time at these events to help spread EA's message. We work with students from elementary to high school.

Open House




Open House is one of the largest EA events. As an opportunity to engage with hundreds of prospective students and their families, it is our pleasure to present the UConn College of Engineering. High school students and their families are given an amphitheater presentation by our Associate Dean, Prof. Daniel Burkey, about UConn Engineering as a whole. We then lead tours specific to major taking students through research labs, classrooms, and small group Q&A's with current students within a specific major. All three branches of EA come together in a prideful display of what we do here on a daily basis, and to have some fun encouraging prospective students to pursue their education as passionately as we do here at UConn.

STEM Hallows




STEM Hallows is one of our largest events of the fall semester, where we welcome elementary and middle school students and families to the UConn campus for an afternoon of demonstrations presented by our own EA members playing famous scientists! Students are free to roam the lobby and main classroom of the new Science 1 Research Center to observe and participate in many activities' such as Liquid Nitrogen, Elephant's Toothpaste, Hovercraft, and more; all while collecting candy along the way!






Science Bowl




In February or March of every year, students representing dozens of secondary schools from all over the northeastern United States will be competing to test their knowledge in all major areas of science and mathematics. The Northeast Science Bowl at the University of Connecticut will provide students with a both a venue to test their own knowledge and understanding of science, and provide demonstrations of various career opportunities throughout the day.

The Northeast Science Bowl is hosted by the College of Engineering at the University of Connecticut on Saturday, February 24th, 2024.

As a volunteer, you will be placed in a role based on your preferences with three other friends of your choosing! Possible roles include a moderator, time keeper, scorekeeper, and communicator (one of each per room).






STEM Fest is one of our largest events of the academic year. Last spring we welcomed 60 elementary and middle school students and families to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford for a day of demonstrations and fun with all of our EA members.  With exclusive access to the exhibition floors of the Science Center, students are free to roam each of the rooms and are greeted by EA members engaging with them through the Science Center exhibits and our own demonstrations such as Liquid Nitrogen, Oobleck, Ruben's Tube, Elephant's toothpaste and dozens more!