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Engineering Ambassadors is an international network of college students who are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers. We, the University of Connecticut branch of Engineering Ambassadors, reach out to middle schools and high schools in the Connecticut area by giving presentations on how their current school subjects (Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) are being applied in the real world. Every ambassador on our presentation team is knowledgeable and passionate in their field and is classically trained in the Assertion Evidence presentation style. We, as an organization and as individuals, believe in the importance of engineering to the world, and work to ensure that this passion is carried on through future generations of engineers.

On top of visiting schools in the Connecticut area, we provide on-campus events at the University of Connecticut, such as tours of the School of Engineering, School of Engineering Open-House events, tours of our Cogeneration Power Plant and Water Reclaim Center for individuals of all ages. To learn more about this or to book a tour, visit the “book a tour” tab above

Our mission statement is defined as follows:

Engineering Ambassadors engage a diverse student population, our university and the greater community in activities that inspire them to explore a variety of creative solutions to the problems facing humanity.

We develop ourselves as passionate engineers of the future with the power to express engineering concepts through fundamentals of science and mathematics.

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