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Management & Engineering for Manufacturing

What is Management & Engineering for Manufacturing?

The Management and Engineering for Manufacturing combines engineering and business knowledge and skills to have a total enterprise vision of world class manufacturing organizations.

They use principles of lean manufacturing and time and quality management in the design and manufacture of products and services while approaching engineering and business decisions consistent with ethical, global, environmental, societal contexts and responsible leadership.

What do Engineering Managers do?

Engineering managers contribute to the continuous improvement of the firms where they are employed. They work increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve level of product quality and customer service. They have the skills to assume supervisory or support positions in manufacturing companies and the depth and breadth of skills consistent with rapid promotion. Some of the positions they work in include:

  • Production Supervisor or Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Department Head/Line Manager or Materials Manager
  • Associate Engineer, levels 1, 11, and 111
  • Manufacturing, Quality, Production, or Industrial Engineer
  • Plant Supervisor or Plant Manager


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