Sunshine Drysdale

Major: Biomedical Engineering


My decision to pick engineering was motivated by what I enjoyed in high school combined with my desired future career. While looking up what major I could pursue that combined biology, engineering, and medicine, I discovered biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineering, which started as a Google search result, has been the most enjoyable challenge I could have asked for. As my passion for engineering developed in college, I decided to get involved with Engineering Ambassadors (EA). I started by giving tours of the School of Engineering which eventually led me to join Presentation Team, which I have been a member of for two years now. This school year, I am a Co-Vice President of On-Campus Events for the Presentation Team. Along with my other Co-VP Maggie, we coordinate visits for students to come to UConn to learn about engineering from the Engineering Ambassadors. While I learned about biomedical engineering from the internet, these on-campus visits give students an opportunity to learn about engineering from future engineers.