Kimberly Liang

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Kimberly Liang is currently a senior mechanical engineering student. In high school, her teachers and mentors greatly influenced her path into engineering. Entering college, she wanted to pay it forward and inspire others, like how her teachers and mentors inspired her. Engineering Ambassadors’ mission statement aligned with her personal goals, so she began her involvement as a Tour Guide and Greater Body member her freshman year. That spring, she served as Co-Director for UConn School of Engineering’s Open House and was accepted into EA’s Presentation Team. The next year, she served as Co-Vice President of EA Tour Guides, where she continued to serve as Co-Director for Open House, managed School of Engineering tours Sunday through Saturday, trained 50 student tour guides, and organized volunteers. After a successful year in Tour Guides, Kimberly was chosen as Co-President of EA for the 2018-2019 school year. Her current responsibilities include overseeing all three branches of EA and the leadership team, which includes 200+ student volunteers, and networking with professionals to garner support for the organization. Kimberly is beyond grateful for all of the amazing opportunities that EA has offered, and is ecstatic for another year of growth and pursuing her passion of STEM outreach. She can’t wait to see all the amazing things the leadership team and all the EA members will accomplish!