Ian Contreras

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Email: joemart.contreras@uconn.edu

Ian Contreras is currently an undergraduate student studying biomedical engineering and has been apart of UConn Engineering Ambassadors since Fall of 2016. He started as a member EA Tour Guides giving tours to prospective students and families encouraging them to choose UConn as their home and place of learning. The following spring semester of that year, he took up a position as one of the Co-Chairs of Open House where he helped run UConn’s School of Engineering Open House/Accepted Students Day. The following fall semester in 2017, Ian Contreras took up the position of Co-Vice President of EA Tour Guides. Along with his partner, he trained and organized the members to give tours for the School of Engineering. Currently. He has been involved through the Engineering Diversity & Outreach Center as a Student Coordinator. Currently, Ian serves as the Co-Vice President of Greater Body for EA along with Dominique Schilradi. He is responsible for maintaining a strong and committed membership to help volunteer with the various events planned by Engineering Ambassadors to promote diversity and increase awareness in engineering. He will be maintaining a family aspect to the organization as well as keeping in mind our mission statement through everything they do. Ian is excited in bringing new ideas to Greater Body and allowing the members a fun and welcoming environment within the organization.